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Streamlining or Stream Lining Waste Concerns

(January 20, 2016)

Wiltshire Council having in recent years changed the opening hours twice for the household recycling centre in Warminster as a cost cutting move are now planning to make further changes to their waste disposal service.

A cabinet member is poised to sign a new contract with the company that runs the site at Furnax Lane to deliver a 'streamlined' waste collection service set to start on 1 August 2017 county hall have announced.

"I am sceptical about this," said town councillor Paul Macdonald.

"They have announced it as a streamlining act but I hope it does not mean a stream lining full of rubbish in future years.

"There are very few details. We will have to wait for those.

"During the Clean for the Queen campaign we are hoping to clear out our local watercouses and features.

"Let's hope this is not another cost cutting exercise that has a negative environmental impact."

The new contract will see black boxes used solely for glass collection and blue lidded bins will take all other recyclables including a wider selection of plastics.

At a cabinet meeting this week it was formally agreed for Hills Waste Solutions to take on the waste and recycling collection contract.

The company will also continue to run all Household Recycling Centres from this date. People will also be able to leave unwanted items at some sites for re-use, rather than disposal.

The new contracts will run for a period of eight years with the option to extend each contract for a further period of eight years.

Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for waste, said: "I'm very pleased we will have one collection contractor, with a proven track record, to deliver this vital service for our residents in an efficient, effective way.

"Residents will receive a smooth service and be able to recycle even more which is good news.

"The awarding of the contract will mean certain changes and we will be working with all staff in this area as we move towards this new system in 2017.

"We will provide residents with further information close to the date for commencement of the new service."

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