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River Wylye Houses Plan Rejected

(January 25, 2016)

A plan to build two houses in a conservation area along the River Wylye failed to gain any support from town councillors.

Two members of the public spoke at the planning advisory committee meeting on Monday against the idea of using the land at 194 and 196 Boreham Road.

“There have been 19 letters of objection,” said Boreham Road resident Nick Parker.

“This is a point of principle. I draw councillors attention to the conservation officers strong reasons for refusal.”

“We object because we do not want to see a precedent set of building within a conservation area,” said Chair of Bishopstrow parish meeting Mike Perry.

Local ward councillor Paul Macdonald was the first to speak.

“This application is an outline application and it is to establish the principle of building here,” said Cllr. Macdonald.

“I propose that his council recommends refusal for the following reasons.

“The proposed development is outside the town settlement boundary and it is contrary to the adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy.

“It would set a precedent of permitted development too close to the River Wylye which is a designated SSSI and the two houses proposed are on a flood Plain;

“The siting is within a conservation area.”

Fellow east ward councillor Steve Dancey supported these reasons for refusal.

He added that although the government says there should be a ‘presumption in favour of development within designated zones’ this application is ‘outside the development zone for Warminster and there is not a presumption in favour’.

Cllr. Andrew Davis said that it was very much an outline application with all matters reserved and that the 'pre-application advice had been that it would be refused'.

"The flood risk assessment is inadequate and makes no reference to sequential testing," said Cllr. Macdonald in summing up his case for refusal.

Councillors voted unanimously to recommend refusal.

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