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River Wylye Houses Plan Turned Down

(February 12, 2016)

Plans to build two houses in a conservation area and on the River Wylye floodplain have been rejected by Wiltshire Council planners.

The idea to build on land at 194 and 196 Boreham Road had attracted strong opposition from the town council local residents, the conservation officer accompanied by highways and flood risk fears.

Two weeks ago warminster Town Council supported the reasons for objection proposed by ward councillor Paul Macdonald.

The proposal is not acceptable. I propose that this council recommends refusal for the following reasons," he said in January.

He went on to point out it was outside the settlement line, against the Core Strategy, would set a precedent of development along the River Wylye and the flood plain and was within a conservation area.

Wiltshire planners in a delegated decision by officers agreed and refused permission giving those four reasons.

"I am pleased that the Core strategy for Wiltshire 2015 has stood up its first major test this year near the River Wylye and in a flood risk area," said Paul welcoming the decision.

"I hope it bodes well for the next bigger test just up the road at Spurt Mead."

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