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Co-op out Vets4Pets In Proposal

(February 16, 2016)

Promised convenience store shopping with planning permission for a large housing estate that has grown in recent years is no longer on the drawing board.

A new application from agents Topoffer could alter a plan to revitalise the former car dealership and petrol station site on Victoria Road.

The site has been dormant for many years becoming an eyesore on a major road into Warminster attracting many complaints to councillors despite it originally being a key part of the plans for a new housing estate years ago.

The housing estate was built but this part of it was never delivered.

A planning application for a 4,000 square feet Co-op retail shop and two smaller shop units plus eight dwellings passed by planners last year was welcomed at the time by town and county councillors.

Now Topoffer supported by Savills have paid a small fee to seek a change in the plans approved to reduce the number of retail units from three to two with expanding one part to become the home of Vets4Pets.

The number of houses on the hinterland behind the proposed new-look building alongside Victoria Road remains unchanged.

Wiltshire Council when it approved the development for the estate built around Swaledale Road and accessed from the Grovelands estate gave that permission which included a retail site.

They then gave way and allowed the retail area to become housing.

"This will need careful consideration," warned Councillor Paul Macdonald.

"I have for decades been dismayed about the way planners have not delivered on planning the overall scheme of things around our town and will be very interested in what response we get about this."

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