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Joined Up Thinking Consultations Demand

(February 19, 2016)

The residents of Warminster are being given more time to comment on a major planning document that took over two years to prepare chaired by a former councillor and mayor.

Wiltshire Council is currently consulting on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan submitted by Warminster Town Council.

In June 2013 the town council set up a working group to bring the Localism Act opportunity for a community driven future which they then chose to ask former councillor Tony Nicklin to lead.

It completed its work in time for a county hall Neighbourhood Plan consultation to start early in December 2015.

Planning officers at Trowbridge have put back the date that the consultation ends to the second Friday in March.

paul 001a"The Warminster Neighbourhood Plan joins a wide range of current consultations that could have a major impact on life in Warminster," said Cllr Paul Macdonald (pictured).

"The Neighbourhood Plan consultation documents have now been joined by the West Warminster Urban Extension Masterplan Consultation, and the Wiltshire Council bus subsidies consultation, as well as a 5,000 strong petition about the RUH Hopper bus.

"I will be appealing to the town council to take a firm view that we need joined up thinking about all of this.

"There are many issues coming to a head in the coming weeks that seem to be considered in isolation."

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