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Queensway Play Area Improvements Boost

(March 01, 2016)

Queensway play are will be a safer place to play after Warminster Town Council agreed this week to pay for an improvement which will fence in the last third of the popular recreation ground.

This latest area is home to the new outdoor gym and well used kick about area.

The plans save money by moving the existing fencing that runs from the footpath down to the fencing around Yeates Field View rather than buying new.

It will now run alongside the footpath from the corner of St.George's Field to the end of Rock Lane.

Councillor Paul Macdonald had asked for members of the Town Development Committee to approve a budget of just over £3,500 to open up some internal space and make the whole area dog free.

"I felt that it would be a good thing to continue to improve the enjoyment of this rec," said Cllr. Macdonald.

"Over the years we have quietly achieved so much without asking the town council to help.

"We have good toddlers play area which will remain fenced in. We then added an activity area for older children a few years ago which was separately fenced in using government money.

"We used developers money last year to provide the outside gym equipment for older teenagers close to the footpath while still keeping a substantial kick about area."

Councillors Macdonald and Nick Dombkowski are regularly seen there litter picking and poop scooping especially during the summer.

"Unfortunately from time to time we have problems with dog poo so I looked at the idea of extra fencing to make the whole area safe with a county council expert and this was the plan that we came up with.

"County hall did not have the money to pay for it so I am delighted that councillors unanimously supported this idea.

"My thanks to them and to county hall staff."

"The added bonus is that it brings easier access to the outside gym for those using the nearby zip wire and other activity pieces."


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