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Warminster Masterplan Fourteen Points of Concern

(March 15, 2016)

Warminster town council have issued a fourteen point challenge to the draft West Urban Extension 'masterplan' drawn up by developers and submitted to Wiltshire Council.

"I propose that Warminster town council does not support the draft master plan in its current form," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"I do this as its aim is to provide more than the 900 homes allocated to the area in the Wiltshire Core Strategy and a host of other reasons."

Councillors discussed the issue after hearing from county councillor Pip Ridout and several members of the public.

Councillor Ridout told the planning advisory committee that the decision would rest with the strategic planning committee and not the Western area planning committee saying that the master plan is 'the best that could be achieved'.

"I draw attention to the high risk of flooding," said Bath Road resident Mr. Tony Nicklin. "We also need centralised sports facilities.

"We need clear separation of the employment land and housing land," Mr. Nicklin added.

West Warminster resident Mr. Len Turner spoke about the concerns expressed by Natural England about how this area is developed.

Haygrove Close resident Mr. Jeremy Stadward also stood up and loudly protested his objections.

Huge Discrepancy

Councillors had in front of them several documents including a comparison between the master plan and the town Neighbourhood Plan that they had spent over two years drawing up.

"I draw councillors attention to the huge discrepancy between the buffer zone illustrated in the Core Strategy extension development template and the illustrative masterplan allocation drawing that has been submitted," said Cllr. Macdonald holding them up for all to see.

"The masterplan is at odds with the aims of the Neighbourhood Plan leisure aspirations in several regards."

Cllr. Macdonald went on to speak about the need for a 'build for life design' approach, a secondary school, and a better approach to the ecology of the area.

"I also propose that the town council does not support the land to the south of Victoria Road being developed for housing," concluded Cllr. Macdonald.

"It believes that the land should be retained as a green lung, earmarked for recreational use, and future demand for organised sports."

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