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WCR - Call for further funding

(June 08, 2016)

THE agreement struck between the old town council and Warminster Community Radio (WCR) to enter into a 'service level agreement' with funding of £12,600 a year ends in 2017.

The agreement was entered into before Vision for Warminster councillors were elected to the council; so we were not party to it but have had to accept it since 2013.

Now station manager Barry Mole has asked for the service agreement to be exted for a further five years with the funding reduced to 'just £10,000' a year.

Mr Mole says that OFCOM is prepared to extend the licence of the station for five years provided the station has some guarantee of economic viability.

He adds that WCR helps Warminsrter keep in touch, provides excellent value for money and the value of the station has been calculated at £220,000 per annum according to oFCOM.

Cllr Steve Dancey, said: "The finances will be considered by the finance and assets committee on Monday evening. I site onthat body and would welcome public comment on the proposal.

"My radio is usually tuned to Radio 4 but I will be listening in to WCRfrom time to time between now and Monday evening."

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