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Why Leave are winning so much support from ordinary folk

(June 17, 2016)

A brilliant reply on The Guardian website reveals exactly why so many voters are turning their backs on the views of the newspaper's well- meaning but out of touch columnists. 


Voters do not want unrestricted immigration, unrestricted corporate power, supranational institutions filled with unelected bureaucrats, overruling elected governments, foreign wars, privatisation, offshoring of jobs, corporate sovereignty via so called "free trade deals", austerity, excessive social liberalism, and excessive finance corporatism, whilst being subject to scaremongering, criticism and smears for daring to question it.

Ex Goldman Sachs spivs descend in private jets now working for some supranational institution or other, and tell citizens in already desperate countries, they must accept mass redundancies, liberalisation of their labour markets, privatisation of all of their state assets to foreign investors, the use of their tax money to fund bombing brown children abroad (despite being skint), and mass immigration, and if they complain they are "communists" or "racists".

The voters backed Labour under Blair and got foreign wars and more corporatism. They got the same from Cameron and Clegg. People are sick to death of the same bunch of multinationals setting the agenda, no matter who is in power.

No wonder people have had enough. Until the elites in power stop taking all the wealth for themselves, whilst lecturing them on diversity and austerity, like they are silly children, Trump, Five Star Movement, UKIP, Sanders, Corbyn, The Eurosceptic Dutch Socialist Party, the Portuguese Left Bloc, Law and Justice, the French NF and whatnot will be the result. Brexit is just another symptom of this same justifiable rage.

You only have to look at EU Trade Commissioner Cecila Malmstrom to see this level of contempt for ordinary citizens, when voters of all political persuasions throughout the EU, rail against the unpopular TTIP deal. Over here there has been opposition from everyone from the TUSC, to Corbyn, Burnham and McDonnell, the RMT and ASLEF, Unite, The Greens, Lib Dems such as Charles Kennedy, large swathes of UKIP, Tories such as Peter Lilley and Zac Goldsmith, the BNP, Plaid, many SNP members and so on.

Cecilia Malmström’s boast that she ‘does not take her mandate from the European people’ was added to this week when she told the EU Business Summit in Brussels that she has no intention of submitting TTIP or CETA to public approval. She has also stated that ‘local opposition is a menace to multilateral agreements, and that ‘We can’t have local referendums on all trade agreements if we want to be serious. If we do that, we can close the shop.’

That sums up the arrogance of those in power. The working class have had enough of being "collateral damage" in globalisation

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