The lexicon of councilspeak

THIS new section will be expanded as new and ridiculous words come to our attention.
The existence of councilspeak and the closely related policespeak became apparent at a briefing meeting of Salisbury District Council in the days of chief executive David Rawlinson......

In 1993  a swimming pool was known as a wet leisure facility ... we will be including all the latest councilspeak nonsense in this section as it comes to our attention.

New Councilspeak words and Phrases.

Comingling - Nothing to do with consenting adults but the practice of collecting cardboard and plastic recyclables at the same time.

Dual-hatted - Where one councillor sits on two separate councils and thereby has a conflict of interest.

Rurality - Apparently there are degrees of ruralness - utter tosh from people employed in council non-jobs

Interoperability - working together - this is a police favourite at the moment

Quaduplication - a local favourite as it describes the waste of having four district councils in Wiltshire when it could all have been trimmed back to one remote authority.

Retirement Services Co-ordinator - This comes from the housing association sector, apparently Wiltshire-based Sarsen Housing insists on using this confusing piece of nonsense when it is talking about wardens.

Scoping study - planning nerds use this instead of a feasibility study.

Third Sector - This is what they like to call the voluntary sector - just to make things a little more complicated for ordinary folk

Timeline - We think it means chronological ... but we're not sure

NB. If you see any councilspeak or policespeak used on this site please inform us as it is infectious.